Annoying Symptoms That Mean You Should See A Neurologist

People often think of neurological symptoms as being bold and unmistakable. Sometimes, this is true. Seizures and tremors, for example, are really hard to ignore. But other times, neurological symptoms are easier to shrug off because they seem annoying, at most. Even if symptoms don't seem dramatic, they can be a sign of a complex condition that needs treatment. If you're dealing with any of these annoying problems, see a neurologist.

Tripping a Lot

Do you have the reputation of being the clumsy one among your friends? Maybe you feel like you're always tripping over your own feet or stumbling on things that are not there. It's possible that this is just you, and there's nothing wrong. However, tripping and stumbling a lot can also be early symptoms of a neurological disorder like MS or Parkinson's disease. It's a good idea to see a neurologist for an exam, and preferably before you actually hurt yourself when stumbling or falling.

Tingling in Your Extremities

It's pretty normal to feel like you have pins and needles in your foot or hand after applying pressure for too long. For example, your foot might fall asleep after you've crossed your legs for a while. If these tingling sensations are coming up out of nowhere, or are present more often than not, you should not ignore that fact. This can be a sign of nerve damage or a growth that is pressing on one of your nerves, or even a sign of a previous stroke. Have a neurologist take a look before the tingling progresses to numbness, which is not unheard of.

Memory Problems

Memory loss has a lot of possible causes. You may just be stressed out. Or, you may be on a medication that has memory loss as a side effect. It's easy to laugh off brief blips in your memory if you can remember the past and important events pretty well. However, these little blips in memory could be the first symptoms of Parkinson's, early-onset dementia, or other problems. So, you should have your neurologist take a look and examine the possibilities.

The thing about neurological disorders is that they can progress pretty quickly. As such, you don't want to shrug off symptoms that are just in the annoying stage. This is the stage at which you want to address them, which means making an appointment with your neurologist for an evaluation.  

For more information, contact a local neurologist

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