Potential Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy might help when you're feeling rundown after an illness or when you have a hangover. IVs can also help you overcome dehydration and supply the vitamins and supplements you need. You can sometimes even take your IV at home through a mobile service. Here's more about the benefits of an IV infusion.

You'll Receive Hydration

IV therapy is similar to the IVs you've probably seen in hospitals or that maybe you've even had before when you've been hospitalized. A bag of fluid is hung beside you and delivered slowly into your bloodstream through a needle that's in your arm. The fluid supplies the hydration you may need.

Dehydration is fairly common, and when you're dehydrated, it may be difficult to bounce back if you can't drink enough water or electrolyte drinks. An IV puts the fluid directly into your bloodstream where it goes to work restoring your body's hydration.

You Might Add Vitamins

Another benefit of IVs is you can have vitamins added to your IV. If you like to take vitamins to help you overcome a cold or for another reason, you might like to take them with an IV so they don't have to be processed through your digestive system.

This ensures more vitamins make it to your bloodstream to be utilized by your body. You may notice the vitamins are more effective when taken by IV. You might want occasional IV therapy with vitamins to help maintain your health or as a boost to your immune system when you're fighting an illness.

You Can Try Supplements Too

An IV therapy service has several recipes of supplements and vitamins they can add to your IV. You might want IV infusions specifically to assist with weight loss, recover from drinking too much alcohol, overcome fatigue, fight infections, help wounds heal, and as an anti-aging treatment. The IV therapy service chooses the best combination of vitamins, minerals, and supplements to create the desired effect you're looking for.

IV therapy is administered by health professionals, so it's safe to try and take regularly if you like it. Some IV infusions may have the best effect from taking multiple treatments. The health professional at the IV service can help you decide on the right type of infusion to take and recommend the best schedule for taking the IVs so you get the results you want.

IV therapy is easy to take. It does require a needle puncture to your skin, but getting an IV isn't a painful procedure. You'll feel an initial needle prick and then the pain goes away while the fluid is being delivered, so the experience is comfortable to undergo.

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