Anxiety And Conflict: How Can You Cope?

If you deal with anxiety, you likely have some triggers that can cause chronic anxious feelings. One conflict many people with anxiety deal with is conflict. Conflict is never an ideal situation to be in, but it can be especially troubling for those whose anxiety is triggered by conflict. The following are some things to keep in mind if you are in this situation:

Why Can Conflict Be an Anxiety Trigger?

When you are plagued with anxiety, you feel a loss of control. When conflict arises, you are typically not in control of the situation and find yourself having to deal with it in some way. Avoidance is a common method that those with anxiety use to deal with their triggers. Avoiding any sort of conflict is one way those with anxiety deal with it.

Anxiety may also prevent you from having the ability to speak up for yourself. If you are a more introverted person or you have some social anxieties, you may find dealing with conflict and speaking for yourself almost physically painful. Many times, those who have to take part in conflicting conversations find themselves feeling even worse after having to deal with it.

If you are confronted with conflict unexpectedly, this can also be triggering. Those who suffer from anxiety often need to have full control of a situation. When something occurs that is outside of their control, anxiety moves in.

Conflict can also be emotionally exhausting. Having an uncomfortable conversation can make you physically tired. You may find yourself walking away from unresolved conflict just because you cannot physically deal with it any longer.

How Can You Deal With Conflict and Anxiety?

There are methods you can adopt to help you deal with anxiety triggers when you are confronted with conflict. First, develop a coping mechanism you can use when you are dealing with conflict. If you find yourself getting anxious during an argument or a tenuous conversation, you may need to step away to gather your thoughts. Plan to resolve the conflict eventually in a way that you can think about it carefully and have a well-thought-out response to the conflict.

You also should set some boundaries in place to help decrease or avoid conflict when possible. For example, if your boss asks you to volunteer to take on a project at work that is an extra task and not necessarily in your wheelhouse, you may feel conflicted. However, do not be afraid to set a boundary and say no when you absolutely know it will cause you anxiety.

You can also learn how to shift your view in a quick way to see the perspective of the other party to the conflict. Try to see outside your own views on a conflict and think about where the other party is coming from. You might notice your own views can be adjusted to a problem-solving state of mind when you shift your perspective.

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