Reasons To Have An Expert Witness Speak In Your Domestic Violence Case

Domestic violence cases can be complicated. Not only are you emotionally connected to the case, but there are many details that can be uncomfortable to share but must be shared in order to make your argument. As you begin to work through your domestic violence case with your lawyer, one thing they may suggest is calling an expert witness to the stand. You might be apprehensive about this option at first. It can feel awkward to have someone you don't know personally speak on your behalf, especially considering how sensitive this topic is. However, there are some really good reasons to have an expert witness speak in your domestic violence case.

They can attest to the validity of your claims

Sadly, domestic violence cases are often a bit of a "he said, she said," situation. There's not always physical proof of the abuse, so you have to hope the judge or the jury believe you. An expert witness can attest to the validity of your claims in a way that's more believable. For example, they can explain that yes, the bruises on your body are akin to those usually seen in domestic violence situations. Or they can explain that your behavior is consistent with the typical behavior of survivors of abuse. Since they really have nothing to gain by sharing false information, the judge or jury will typically take their word as truth.

They can speak to things you may not be emotionally prepared to speak about

Speaking about domestic abuse is hard, especially when you're on the stand in court. There may be some things you're just not strong enough to share, and that's totally understandable. The expert witness may get a chance to share these things instead. They aren't nearly as emotionally connected to the case, so they can often get across information that you may struggle to provide.

They can explain unfamiliar details to the jury

If you're going in front of a jury, not everyone on that jury will have a good understanding of domestic violence. When an expert witness is called to the stand, this is a chance for them to explain things and answer questions that help the jury become better informed. A more educated jury is more likely to rule in your favor.

If your lawyer recommends calling an expert witness in your domestic violence case, this is likely a wise move. There are lots of benefits to having an expert speak on your behalf. Reach out to a domestic violence expert witness to learn more.

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