Using Your Dispensary Visit As A Learning Experience

The key reason to visit a dispensary is, of course, to buy cannabis and cannabis-related items. However, you can also use your visit to the dispensary as an opportunity to learn more about this plant, its use, and the culture surrounding it. Here are some key ways you can make your visit to a marijuana dispensary a more educational experience.

Research products to look at beforehand

Before you head out to the dispensary, visit their website. Take a brief look at the different types of products they have to offer. Do they have vape products? Are they selling edibles? What about concentrates?

Once you have a good overview of what the dispensary has to offer, you can make better decisions as to how you spend your time there. For example, you might see that they're selling concentrates, and since you don't know much about concentrates, you'll decide to spend most of your time focusing on those products.

Go when the dispensary is less busy

If possible, try to visit the dispensary when it is not as busy. Go in the middle of the day when most people are at work, or early in the morning when a lot of people are not up yet. This way, you can spend more time looking at and reading about various products without getting in the way of other customers. The budtenders and other employees will also have more time to chat with you, and they can be an incredible source of information.

Ask questions

Do you have some burning questions about cannabis that you've always wanted to have answered? Write them down, and bring the paper with you. While at the dispensary, ask these questions to the budtenders. You can also ask them any other questions that might come to mind while you're shopping and looking through the store. Don't feel like you're getting in the way by asking; answering questions is a big part of budtenders' jobs.

Be open to new ideas

Even if you're pretty familiar with the cannabis industry, there is always more to know and learn. So if you want to learn more on your trip to the dispensary, you need to maintain an open mind. Be ready to take in new information. Read the packages, and pay specific attention to information that contradicts what you think you know.

Visiting a dispensary can be a great learning experience, especially if you follow the tips above.

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