Beyond The CBD: Comparing Hemp Extract Gummies

When most people go to buy CBD gummies at the store, the key factor they consider is whether the gummies are made with pure CBD, broad-spectrum hemp oil, or full-spectrum hemp oil. And this consideration is very important since it determines which cannabinoids you are taking in. However, there are other ways that gummies differ, and there are other factors you can look at as you browse your grocery store's selection of hemp gummies. Here are some of those factors.

Are the gummies vegan?

You might assume all hemp extract gummies are vegan since they're basically a medicated candy. However, many gummies are actually made with gelatin, and gelatin is an animal product extracted, mostly, from bones and cartilage. So, if you follow a vegan or plant-based diet, a lot of hemp gummies may actually be off your list. There should be a few vegan options in most stores, though. These ones are generally made with pectin, which is a plant-based thickener. Gummies made with pectin have a different texture and are more prone to melting if they get warm. Most do sport a "vegan" label or symbol since they're made with these buyers in mind.

Are the gummies sugar-coated?

Some hemp gummies look more like hard candy, with a smooth exterior. Others look more like sour gummy worms with a sugary coating on the outside. (And sometimes, this coating is sour.) Which is best really comes down to a matter of taste. The sugar-coated ones can sometimes fare better if they get warm since the sugar coating keeps them from sticking together. If you really can't stand any hints of hemp flavor, gummies coated with sour sugar are a good choice, as the sourness tends to mask any hemp taste. And if you're watching your sugar intake, uncoated gummies tend to be the lowest in sugar and your best choice.

How many gummies are in the container?

This may seem like a strange thing to consider, but it is important. Hemp gummies do lose their potency over time. So, you really don't want to buy more than you plan on using within a few months. If you use gummies daily, then you can get away with buying a larger, bulk container. But if you're an occasional user, a smaller jar should do the trick.

When buying hemp extract gummies, remember to concentrate on more than just the type of hemp oil or extract they are made with. These other factors are important, too.

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