How Non-Invasive ED Therapy Helps Men With Emotional Struggles

The emotional impact of erectile dysfunction or ED is such that it is often necessary for men to get treatment to avoid feeling bad about themselves. Thankfully, there are many non-invasive therapy options to provide this care without opening up a man's body in a way that may feel uncomfortable, painful, or even destructive.

ED Has Many Different Causes

Erectile dysfunction is often a very emotional situation for many men because it can make them feel less strong, manly, and capable. Unfortunately, this problem has many different causes that can make it hard to figure out. Many men simply do not produce the proper amount of testosterone any more and end up suffering from ED regularly, while others have more surgical concerns to consider.

For example, there may be damage to tubes in their genitals that do not allow the penis to become erect. Often, this type of repair requires surgery that opens up the genitals and makes it easier to fix these issues. That said, there are many types of non-invasive therapeutic methods that can eliminate this problem without having to cut open these delicate areas of the body to surgery.

ED Treatment Doesn't Have to Be Invasive

The most common first treatment option for ED is oral medications that help to stimulate damaged areas of the genitals and make them work more properly. These chemicals enhance the effects of a certain chemical that helps to relax the muscles in the penis and makes it become erect. However, there are other types of non-invasive surgical methods that may be beneficial in this situation.

These options use a small incision on the surface of the penis or elsewhere on the genitals to open up room for a camera and tiny surgical tools. The surgeon can then use the view of the camera to spot problematic areas and use the tools to repair them, such as widening tubes throughout the penis to allow blood to flow more evenly to trigger an erection with less difficulty.

Often, this type of care is paired with exercise and other types of therapy to decrease a man's weight, stimulate blood flow, produce more testosterone, and make it easier for an erection to develop. By following these steps, a man can ensure that they don't suffer the emotional aftermath of ED and can have the sex life that they want.

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