Bariatric Surgery Helps Women Avoid Hormone-Related Weight Gain

Aging can do a number on many women and cause a surprising array of issues that can be hard to control. For example, many women may gain weight due to hormonal changes after they reach a certain age. This type of weight gain can be tough to manage without the help of a high-quality bariatric surgery process.

Hormone-Related Weight Gain Is Possible

As a woman ages, her hormones may change sporadically and cause health issues that can be reasonably hard to manage. For example, hormone imbalances may trigger some weight gain by decreasing her metabolism. When this happens, meals that she usually eats and which caused no weight gain may not be digested as well, triggering a slow and persistent weight gain. 

The most frustrating thing about this type of weight gain is that it can seem impossible to control or manage. Women with this problem may have a harder time controlling their caloric intake because their bodies are used to specific amounts of food. As a result, it may require more severe care methods to manage this issue and get a woman back in shape and free from this weight gain problem.

How Bariatric Surgery Helps

Bariatric surgery comes in many different options, each of which has benefits that make it worth considering. For example, a band allows a woman to adjust how much food she gets — through surgical tweaks — and makes it easier for her to lose weight and transition back to a healthier diet. Other types of surgery are more permanent and cannot be reversed without serious surgical methods. 

Whatever method a woman chooses, this surgery helps her by limiting what she can eat. Her body will quickly adjust to a controlled and more limited diet. And even if hormone imbalances decrease her metabolism, the amount of food that she can eat in a day is so minimal that she will lose weight and shed the pounds that refuse to leave her body — creating a healthier and stronger person.

As a result, a woman can regain control of her weight and become a happier and healthier person as a result. In some cases, her adjusted diet may help her balance her hormones again to minimize her potential weight gain. These benefits must be discussed with a doctor long before attempting them to ensure that a woman gets the best results possible for this surgery.

To learn more about bariatric surgery, reach out to a local medical health professional.

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