Preventing Damage To Gas Outlet O-Rings

One of the most critical parts of a medical gas supply line is the o-ring that sits in the outlet. This o-ring prevents gas from leaking and helps create a strong seal within the outlet connection. Like many rubber parts, it can be damaged if not handled correctly or if the use of the equipment places stress on the part. When you buy outlets to install in medical gas delivery systems, look for parts that protect the o-ring. That helps ensure smoother gas delivery and fewer leaks.

Deformation From the Weight of a Connection

In some gas delivery systems, when you connect a hose to the outlet, the weight of the hose and its fittings can pull down on the outlet, stretching the o-ring. This not only damages the o-ring over time (as there are only so many times you can stretch it before it starts to rip), but it also allows a little gas to leak out. While the amount might be minuscule, it's better not to have the leak so that you both protect people who are sensitive to the gas and don't create any environmental dangers, like letting a flammable gas enter the general environment of the room. Plus, a leak wastes product. Look for outlets that support connections and that don't allow connected equipment to literally drag it down.

Accessibility During Gas Use

Sometimes gas use is continuous or has to continue for an extended time. If you need to perform maintenance on the outlet, you want one where you won't have to disconnect the gas and stop the supply in order to access the o-ring and other parts. This allows treatments and procedures to continue uninterrupted and reduces the danger to the patient inherent in switching off gas delivery.

Drying out From Lack of Lubrication

The o-rings are made of rubber, so they can dry out if they aren't kept lubricated. This is another reason to find outlets that let you access the o-ring without stopping gas flow because you will need to perform maintenance on a regular basis. Remember to use a lubricant made especially for o-rings and other industrial rubber.

When you're treating patients with gas or performing procedures that need a constant supply of gas, you don't want the gas to start leaking out, nor do you want the outlet to show signs of deterioration. By looking for outlets that are made to protect the o-ring, you eliminate a lot of potential problems. For more information, contact a medical gas outlet supplier.

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