Echocardiograms Can Help People Who Had Multiple Minor Heart Attacks

Every year, a segment of the population suffers from small heart attacks that may not require immediate medical attention but which may cause damage to the muscles of this vital organ. As a result, it is important for those who may have suffered these heart attacks or who think they may have to get an echocardiogram right away to figure out if they have any damage to their heart.

Small Heart Attacks May Still Cause Damage

Small heart attacks may occur many times throughout a person's life and cause them intense pain for a short time before ending. These minor heart infractions still do damage to the heart, though, because blood may stop flowing to certain muscles as these attacks occur. When this happens, these areas of the heart may end up dying and leaving the heart much weaker than it was before the incident.

Unfortunately, those who suffer these minor cardiac arrests may not get immediate medical care and leave themselves open to increasing heart damage throughout their life. Even worse, they may end up experiencing a major heart failure because they weren't prepared. As a result, it is essential for those in this situation to get an echocardiogram to figure out if they have any damaged heart tissue.

How an Echocardiogram Can Help

An echocardiogram is a powerful diagnostic tool that uses ultrasound waves to give doctors a better understanding of the strength and stability of a person's heart muscles. With this test, a doctor will get a look not only at the heart muscles but at the valves as well. They can then check for any damage that may have occurred during minor heart attacks, such as dead zones in a person's heart, that may be dangerous.

And once the doctor figures out what is wrong with a person's heart, they can prescribe medications or other types of care options to help a person avoid heart attacks. As a person's treatment progresses, the doctor will use echocardiograms to see how well the heart is reacting. If there are no changes or if a person's condition worsens, they'll have to tweak up the approach to ensure that they are healthy and safe.

Using this approach allows a doctor and their patient to carefully enhance a person's heart health to ensure that they don't experience any unexpected problems later in life. Just as importantly, this care keeps a person focused on their heart health and gives them a chance to do what they can to keep it strong.

To learn more, contact a doctor who does echocardiography.

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