Did You Experience A Life Event That Made You Want To Get In Shape? 3 Benefits Of Working With A Health Coach

New life events often pull your health into sharper focus. Some people choose to get in shape when they hit a milestone birthday, or you might choose to get healthier after a recent health scare. The reason why you want to get in shape is important because you can use it to maintain your motivation for sticking to your new diet and exercise plan. You should also know that working with a health coach can provide these benefits that help you meet your goals.

Get Personalized Health Strategies

You can find all kinds of tips for getting in shape online and in books. However, the same thing doesn't always work for everyone. Your health is influenced by personal factors such as your genetics, your metabolism and even your personality. Health coaching begins with an initial assessment that helps to identify your barriers to getting healthier along with your strengths. Your overall health and body type will also be considered. Once you've met and discussed your goals, a coach will develop an individual plan that fits your needs. This may include specific dietary guidelines or a workout schedule. Having personalized feedback means that your efforts will go further toward improving your health.

Improve Your Overall Health

Getting in shape doesn't just mean losing weight or gaining muscle. Your physical health is a huge part of what you work on with your coach, but they also help with your mental and emotional health. Most health coaches recognize that your overall lifestyle affects your health. For instance, you might be prone to emotional eating, and having a plan for dealing with stress in your life helps to bolster the effects of the changes you make in your diet. Reducing stress can also help to improve high blood pressure and reduce the symptoms of common health conditions. 

Receive Individualized Encouragement

Trying to make major changes in your health is hard. Temptation is often lurking around the corner, and it may sometimes seem easier to plop down on the couch instead of going to the gym. Your coach will get to know you and what makes you tick. This allows them to tailor their encouragement to fit your needs. Similar to an athletic coach, they'll know when to give you a compliment and when to be serious. Knowing that someone else sees the progress that you are making toward your goals is powerful, and having that support will help you maintain momentum for making the changes that you need in your health.

If you want to take charge of your health, contact a health coach today.

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