Does Your Child Have An Ear Infection? 4 Signs To Watch Out For

An ear infection can be very painful, whether you're a young infant, an older child, or even an adult. If you have an ear infection, that pain can be difficult to bear. In children especially, it can be difficult to deal with because they may not be able to easily convey that their ear hurts. There are signs you can watch out for that would indicate that your child has an ear infection. Read on for a few of these signs you should be on the lookout for.

1. Pulling Or Tugging On The Ears

Your child will likely tug on their ears or rub them if they have an ear infection. They may be feeling the fluid in their ears, and it is bothersome to them. If your child isn't able to talk just yet, such as a young toddler or infant, this is a main symptom to watch for. The ear may also be red and appear irritated at first glance as well. Take a look inside your child's ears to see if the inside is red or if you spot any ear wax or anything else coming out of the canal.

2. Fits Of Crying For No Reason

Your child may be inconsolable, especially when you attempt to lay them down. If your child wakes up in the night crying, it could be due to an ear infection. Propping your child up a bit in bed will help with this. You can do this by putting pillows beneath the mattress so just the mattress is tilted upwards. If your child is older, you can add pillows to their bed to help keep them propped up.

3. Inability To Eat Or Drink

Your child may also have issues with eating or drinking if they have an ear infection. This is because there may be some drainage going down their throat, which could cause a sore throat as well. Your child may also have issues eating or drinking because it irritates the ear since the ear and throat are connected.

4. Change In Behavior

If your child has an ear infection, in addition to crying for no reason, your child may also be irritable and not acting like themself. Your child may be more tired due to the lack of sleep and can also be feeling ill because of the drainage. If you suspect a change in behavior, it's best to get your child to their physician for a diagnosis.

If you think your child has an ear infection, make an appointment to get your child examined by a primary care physician and treated.

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