Why Cremation Is A Good Option During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been heartbreaking for everyone. If you are someone who has lost a loved one during this time, you are probably left with feelings of confusion, unease, and emptiness. And as if the grief of losing a loved one were not enough, you are also left trying to make funeral plans during this challenging time when social distancing is of the utmost importance. The CDC has advised that loved ones who pass due to the virus can be either buried or cremated. Some families certainly feel more comfortable having their loved ones buried in a traditional manner, but if cremation is something you're open to considering, it does offer quite a few benefits during this challenging time.

1. You can have a funeral with the ashes present later on.

Funeral gatherings with any more than the immediate family are not being held at this time due to social distancing. Of course, you can have a memorial service later on, perhaps on the anniversary of your loved one's death, but if you opt for a burial, your loved one's remains won't be at that memorial service. If you instead opt for cremation, you can have the remains present at a memorial service at some point in the future when it is safer to gather. This can make the service feel more traditional and will help you to feel closer to your loved one.

2. You can ship the ashes to a different location.

If your loved one died in a location different from where you would want to have their funeral, or far from where you want their remains laid to rest, shipping their body is not a great option at this time. However, if you have them cremated, you should be able to have the ashes shipped rather safely and affordably. This will allow you to scatter your loved one's ashes at their favorite place, or even just bury them in their home cemetery, in spite of the travel and shipping restrictions the virus has made necessary.

3. It's affordable.

Unfortunately, this pandemic has also cost a lot of people their jobs and income. If you and your family are struggling financially, cremation is a more affordable option than a traditional burial. Your loved one would surely have wanted you to spend wisely and save what money you could to keep a roof over your head and keep your family fed. Cremation is a choice that can allow for that.

The pandemic has changed the world and the way people must do everything. If you have lost a loved one to the virus, or to any other cause during this time, cremation can be a smart way to approach their end-of-life needs. 

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