Will You Have To Quit Your Brand-New Job To Get Sober? 3 Ways Outpatient Drug Treatment Can Help You Keep Your Position

Your health is a priority, yet what happens when you also have financial needs that are important? Most people prefer not to have to take long amounts of time off when they've just started a new job. You may be worried about your company's management team thinking that you aren't serious about your position if you suddenly ask for several weeks of time to seek treatment. Depending upon your job, you might also be worried about having to take unpaid time off. These should never be barriers to getting help for your addiction, and outpatient treatment can help you get sober while also enjoying these career-friendly benefits.

Learn How to Stay Sober

The fear of losing your job is valid when you've experienced an addiction that causes you to show up for work drunk or high. Instead of fretting over having to quit your job, try focusing your mind on how addiction recovery can help you keep it. Your therapy sessions will revolve around helping you figure out why you keep returning to old habits. Learning how to avoid triggers and reach out for help during cravings means that you'll be less likely to show up to work under the influence of intoxicating substances.

Continue to Meet the Job Requirements

Outpatient care allows you the option of being able to get sober and still make it to work on time. Your program may take place during certain hours that fit your work schedule. If the therapy sessions fall within your work hours, then you can work with your supervisors to figure out how to work around it. For instance, you may need a temporary shift change, or you may need to do your work remotely after hours until you complete the program. While you might need to change a few things, you can still keep up with your job duties.

Manage the Stress of a New Career

Starting a new career is stressful, and you might have even started to increase how much you use the substances that fuel your addiction. If so, then you can find the help you need in substance abuse therapy. There, you will work with trained professionals as well as other people just like you who want to end their addiction. In this supportive environment, you can begin to learn positive coping strategies that help you manage stress so that you arrive at your job focused and ready to be productive.

To learn more, contact an outpatient drug treatment program.

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