Symptoms You Should Definitely Tell Your Low-T Doctor About

Do you suspect you have low testosterone levels? A common sign of low testosterone is struggling with ED or a loss of libido. However, testosterone does a lot more for your body than regulate the reproductive system. Should you decide to see a doctor for low-t diagnosis and treatment, there are an array of other symptoms you should tell that doctor about — if you are, indeed, experiencing them.

1. A loss of muscle mass

Have you been working out but struggling to gain muscle? Maybe you are doing the same workouts you used to find effective, but you're just not seeing results anymore. Perhaps you are even losing muscle mass in spite of working out. Testosterone enables your body to gain muscle, so this loss of muscle mass could be yet another sign of low T. Feeling weak during workouts is also common in men who have low testosterone. 

2. Emotional challenges

Have you heard about people who take steroids struggling to regulate their moods? This is because the steroids they are taking are generally testosterone-based, and testosterone impacts your mood. While too-high testosterone levels due to steroid use can make you feel angry and out of control, low-T can make you feel sad, hopeless, and depressed. Some men struggle with depression for years, trying countless other meds, only to finally realize that their mental health struggles are related to low T. 

3. Trouble sleeping

Testosterone interacts with the hormones that regulate your sleep, which include cortisol and melatonin. If you have been struggling to fall asleep, or if you often wake up at night after falling asleep, this could again be due to your low T. Of course, a lack of sleep can go hand-in-hand with the emotional challenges discussed above. Once you start supplementing with testosterone, prepare to be amazed by how well you sleep at night.

4. Weight gain

Gaining weight — specifically fat — can indicate that your testosterone levels are low. Men with low T often accumulate weight around their mid-section. You may take on a more apple shape or develop what people refer to as a "spare tire." Dieting and exercise probably won't be effective in helping you lose the weight.

The effects of low testosterone are far-reaching. Keep this in mind when meeting with a testosterone replacement therapy physician. Share the symptoms above, and also share any other symptoms you might be experiencing. Your doctor will get a better idea of what you're experiencing, which will help guide their diagnosis. 

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