How Do You Know If You Have Low Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is closely tied to the male sex. It contributes greatly to sex drive and sexual function and also plays a key role in the development of younger males, although older men can also benefit from maintaining a proper T level.

Do you suspect that you might be suffering from low T? It's hard to pinpoint low testosterone as the root cause of any one particular symptom, but usually when you have low T you might notice more than one thing going sideways on you. Here are some of the more common indications that you might be suffering from low T and need to get yourself to a clinic for low testosterone treatment.

You Suddenly Can't Sleep

Your T level plays a role in regulating your sleep at night. Are you currently suffering from insomnia? Maybe you can't fall asleep at night or you fall back asleep after sleeping for only a little bit? If you notice a strong change in your sleep pattern, you should talk to a doctor who specializes in sleep, but keep in mind that this could also be a warning sign of low T.

Gaining Fat and Losing Muscle

Is your body suddenly changing on you even though you are not doing anything that would be considered a significant change to your daily lifestyle? If you are still going to the gym regularly and yet you find yourself gaining fat or losing muscle, this could reflect something going on internally with your T level. Testosterone plays a role in muscle development and you might be going to the gym in vain if your testosterone isn't up to the task.

No Sex Drive or Other Dysfunction

If you've always had a strong sex drive, you will surely notice when and if it suddenly falls off a cliff. People make a joke about getting older sometimes and not being able to engage in sexual activity like they used to, but in some cases, it's not just a joke. If you suddenly have a low sex drive or are otherwise experiencing dysfunction in the bedroom, low T could be an issue.

Again, it's hard to diagnose low T due to any one situation. But if you suspect something is going on, you could get yourself to a clinic with doctors who specialize in this area. Get your low T diagnosed and then receive treatment that will have you feeling like yourself again

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