What to Expect When Working in a Pharmacy

You do not have to be a pharmacist to work in a pharmacy. You can be a technician who helps in various ways in the setting of a pharmacy. To help you get a little insight into what you would do throughout your day working as a drugstore pharmacy tech, you will want to go over the following:

You Will Enter Prescriptions Into the System

Throughout the day, you will collect prescriptions from customers dropping them off. Some prescriptions will be sent over electronically straight from the hospitals and doctors' offices and you will not have to do anything with those. Those scripts are usually highly regulated pain medication prescriptions. When customers bring in their printed prescriptions, they will give them to you, you will verify their information, and then enter the medication request into the pharmacy's system.  

You Help by Calling Insurance Companies on Behalf of the Customers

Sometimes, a certain medication is not automatically covered by a person's insurance company. Therefore, you will have to call the insurance company to see what needs to be done for them to cover it. You may end up calling the prescribing doctor to get them to send in a pre-authorization form so the prescription can be approved for coverage.

Providing Medications to Customers 

After a while, customers will come back to retrieve their filled prescriptions and you have to make sure that they are given the correct bag and that they understand the directions for the medication. If they need a consultation, you can refer them to the pharmacist. In some cases, you might be responsible for handling the drive-up window and the register at the counter so you will have to make sure that each line is given your attention, even if you have to go back and forth between the two.

If you have decided that you would like to gain employment at a pharmacy, you will want to start locating a few different ones to apply to. Make sure that you are updating your resume so it reflects the most current information about yourself and your latest achievements professionally. You can then drop off your resumes in person or find out the address for their Human Resources department and you can mail or fax it over to them. Some pharmacies will still want you to fill out one of their applications as well, so make sure that you are prepared for that.

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