Be Supportive Of Your Son During The Alcohol Recovery Process

If your son has chosen to seek help for his addiction to alcohol, be aware that his mental health is equally important to his physical health. During the initial part of the recovery process, your son may experience a range of emotions, including shame and denial. Your support is crucial during this time, but you should not overstep your boundaries and be demanding or inquisitive. Respond to any correspondence that you receive and educate yourself about addiction and the recovery process.

Educate Yourself About The Disease

If your son will be residing in a residential recovery center for a month or longer, you may be concerned about the effectiveness of the treatment program and the possibility of his relapse upon his release. One mistake that people often make is assuming that a person has full control of their drinking pattern. It is a struggle for any addict to abstain from their drug of choice.

A strong support system, a healthy way of looking at things, and long term goals can assist with recovery. Participate in al-anon meetings, which are geared toward the loved ones of those who are enduring an addiction. The information that is presented to you will help you understand your son's addiction and the steps associated with the recovery phase. 

Don't Focus Solely On Your Son

When you are corresponding with your son, either by phone or mail, you may be anxious to let him know how you feel or how his addiction has disrupted your family. It is not a good idea to place blame on your child or push negativity toward him. Instead of being judgemental, tell your son that you love him and that you miss him. Ask him about his daily routine, but do not press him for an answer.

Speak about yourself and the things that you have been doing. Be optimistic and friendly when explaining various parts of your life. By not placing all of the emphasis on your son, you are reducing the pressure that he will be experiencing.

This is important, since addicts often struggle with self-blame and feeling overwhelmed about the fact that they will be abstaining from alcohol or their drug of choice. It can difficult to discover a new way of living, and during the recovery phase, your son will need to focus on himself and should not be subjected to negative behaviors that could hinder his recovery.

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