Signs Of Teething And What You Can Do To Help Your Baby

Your baby's teeth are going to begin to come in anywhere from 6 months up to 12 months, and the molars come in throughout the next few years thereafter. When your baby starts to teeth, you may not notice their teeth right away, but you may notice a few other signs, some of which may mimic other things such as illness. Your baby is too small to tell you what's wrong or if something is bothering them, so it's up to you to help your infant while going through the teething period. Read on for signs of teething and what you may be able to to do help soothe your baby.

Teething Signs

Some of these signs can mimic other things, so if you aren't sure what exactly is bothering your baby, take your child to the pediatrician for an exam. A few signs your baby may exhibit while teething include:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Chewing on everything
  • Putting hands and fingers in the mouth
  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Runny nose
  • Excessive crying
  • Red/swollen gums
  • Teeth piercing through the gums

How You Can Help

Your baby is going to need you to help him or her feel better. Again, he or she cannot tell you what's wrong, so it's important that you figure out what is wrong and help your child feel better. If your baby is showing any of these signs and you're sure it's teething, you can offer your baby a cool, damp washcloth to chew on which can help soothe the gums. You can also give your baby teething rings or teethers that can be put in the freezer. Pacifiers can also help soothe your baby. Placing the pacifier in the freezer can also be soothing. These are a few things your baby can use to safely chew on. The pressure can help soothe his or her sore gums. You can also give your baby teething tablets or even an over-the-counter pain reliever — all of these things should be approved by your pediatrician beforehand. 

Teething can be a hard time on both your baby and you as parents as well. Your baby is not going to be acting like him- or herself, but it's up to you as the parent to help make your baby feel better and to get through this hard time. Talk to your pediatrician about other ways to help soothe your baby, and be sure to talk to your pediatrician before giving any type of medication to your infant.

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