Hearing Loss As A Singer? Consider A Hearing Test

Singers often go through a broad array of different demands that can make their career more of a challenge. For example, hearing problems may develop that make their performances more hard to finish. Thankfully, high-quality hearing tests can help minimize this problem. 

Hearing Loss Can Affect a Singer's Career

Standing on stage in front of an audience and singing takes a lot of courage but can also devastate a person's hearing over time. That's because they may sing in small clubs backed by groups with a lot of loud amplifiers and drums. All that pure noise is going to trigger some level of hearing loss over time and can be quite devastating if a person doesn't have the ear protection necessary to avoid it.

For example, singers rely on their hearing more than any other kind of musician. While musicians all need to hear to perform, a pianist or even a guitarist with perfect technique and understanding of their instrument may not need to hear it to play at some level. Singers, however, need to hear themselves and the notes around them to succeed. Therefore, those worried about hearing loss may want a hearing test ASAP.

Ways a Hearing Exam Helps

A good hearing loss exam will start out by establishing a person's baseline hearing ability. This can give a singer a good idea of how well they hear overall and whether or not they're experiencing major to minor hearing loss. Then, they can get frequency tests to see where their hearing loss lies. This test is critical because it can help to give them a better understanding of what is happening to them.

For example, they can figure out if they are losing their high frequencies and need to pay attention to protecting them with hear buds. They can also decide if they need a hearing aid to use on stage to keep them focused. These hearing aids need to be properly adjusted via a hearing exam to ensure that the singer doesn't end up experiencing any unwanted frequency intensities or other issues with their hearing and general ear health.

Thankfully, most hearing aids should adjust surprisingly well to this type of care and shouldn't be too hard to get fit into a person's ears. All they need to do is get regular hearing exams as they progress through their career. Doing so can help to ensure that they don't lose any more hearing and should keep them from ruining their chances of further success as a singer.

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