Does Your Toddler Have Something Stuck In Their Nose? 4 Steps To Remove The Foreign Object

If your toddler has shoved a foreign object up their nose, you're not alone. Many toddlers discover that their nostrils are the perfect place to shove things like cereal, vegetables, and even plastic beads. In most cases, the situation won't be life-threatening, but you will need to take steps to remove the object as quickly as possible. Here are four steps that will help you get the object out of your toddlers nose. 

Reach for the Flashlight

If your toddler has something shoved up their nose, the first thing you want to do is reach for the flashlight. You'll need to see if you can locate the object, and identify what the object is. If you can see the object with your flashlight, and the object is close to the opening, you can try removing it with a pair of tweezers. Simply have someone hold your toddler still and gently grasp the object. If you can't safely grasp the object with a pair of tweezers, you'll need to move on to the next steps. 

Apply Some Pressure

If your toddler has stuffed something like a pea in their nostril, it may be difficult for them to blow it out while the object is whole. If that's the case, try applying some pressure to the outside of their nose. This should crush the pea enough to allow it to come out easier. Once you've crushed to pea, place a tissue up to your toddlers nose and have them blow as hard as they can. The object pea should come out in the tissue. 

Give Them Some Air

If the object is acting hard to get, but you can see it, try giving your toddler some air. Lay your toddler down and place your mouth over theirs, like you were attempting CPR. Once you're in position, blow a small puff of air into their mouth. The air should blow up into their nasal passage, which will dislodge the object. Be sure to have a tissue positioned over your cheek. The object may come out quite forcefully, and it may be coated in a mucusy substance. 

Head to the Urgent Care

Finally, if your toddler has a foreign object up their nose, and your attempts at removal have been unsuccessful, it's time to head to the nearest urgent care. The medical staff will be able to use special instruments to remove the object safely and quickly. As soon as you arrive at the urgent care center, let them know that your toddler has a foreign object up their nose. That will allow the staff the opportunity to examine your toddlers airway to make sure that their breathing isn't being compromised by the foreign object.

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