A Chiropractor Can Provide Helpful Tips On Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Back Pain

Lower back pain is common among older adults because of the prevalence of lumbar spine osteoarthritis in this age group. Chronic back pain is considered a psychosomatic disorder in the sense that the physical symptoms and the patient's emotions are often definitively connected. A chiropractor, as a holistic practitioner, wants you to take your lifestyle into account when seeking treatment for chronic lower back pain.

Psychological Aspects

Back pain as a psychosomatic disorder does not mean that you are imagining the symptoms but rather that psychological aspects can have significant effects on the problem. Worry, anxiety, stress, anger, and depression may trigger episodes of pain and worsen chronic discomfort.

Physical Activity

Negative emotions may lead to a lack of motivation to be active. Especially when you are dealing with a sore back, you may not want to move much at all. Nevertheless, you should practice safe exercises because inactivity can actually worsen pain. Gentle exercise helps reduce discomfort by strengthening your muscles and improving flexibility. A chiropractor can provide recommendations on the best activities for your particular situation.

Walking is commonly recommended as a gentle, excellent form of weight-bearing exercise that strengthens bones. If your back problems make you feel a bit unstable and you are concerned about falling, taking a walk around a grocery store while holding onto a cart provides extra support to feel safe and more confident.

Staying Involved

Ongoing debilitating back pain can lead to an increasing sense of isolation if you are now avoiding activities you used to enjoy. This may become a negative cycle as you begin feeling more lonely and withdrawn. Those emotions can worsen the pain you already experience. 

Although it may be difficult at first, one of the best temporary remedies for a chronic backache is to get involved again in enjoyable, rewarding pursuits. That might include spending time with grandchildren, taking up an old hobby you once loved, or simply relaxing in a park while reading or watching birds. Going to lunch with friends, attending a book club, and participating in religious activities are just a few more examples.

People tend to forget about their discomfort when they are occupied with something about which they feel passionate or fascinated.

Concluding Thoughts

Start with one or more of these strategies to begin learning how to significantly reduce back pain. In addition, seek treatment from a chiropractor, who also will be glad to offer professional advice on lifestyle tips that help patients manage this problem.

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