3 Benefits Of Using CBD For Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic pain is especially challenging because of how pain can affect daily life and there are limited options for prescription pain medications. Fortunately, many chronic pain patients have found relief in CBD products, which have numerous benefits to manage pain.

Low Risk Of Drug Interactions Or Side Effects

Although you should always check with your doctor before trying any new treatment for chronic pain, CBD has a low potential for drug interactions. Depending on the condition that is causing chronic pain, you may already take several medications not just to manage pain but also to treat the underlying disease process. The more treatments you use — even if they're topical treatments — there is an increased risk of drug interactions.

Another challenge with chronic pain management is the increased risk of adverse effects. Many prescription-strength medications have significant effects on the gastrointestinal system. For example, both steroids and NSAIDs can increase the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding, and some people find they cause nausea, an upset stomach, and heartburn. Prescription narcotics often cause constipation, which can require the long-term use of laxatives or stool softeners to combat the problem. None of these gastrointestinal effects are seen with CBD, and many people use these products to help with nausea and other stomach ailments.

Variety Of Products

There are various products on the market containing CBD, which makes it an ideal treatment for different types of chronic pain. If you have widespread pain from many different joints affected by inflammatory arthritis or pain associated with multiple sclerosis, CBD tinctures, vaping, and edibles might be the right choice for your needs. Sometimes people have chronic pain that only affects one or a few areas. Systemic CBD products can be effective, but they might prefer topical treatments to spot-treat a few areas. CBD can be found in creams, lotions, or oils applied directly to the target area for relief.

Different types of products can be used in conjunction to achieve the ideal level of relief. For example, you may use a longer-acting product, such as edibles or pills, for sustained pain relief multiple times each day. Additionally, you can discreetly use edibles or pills so they are a good option to keep with you throughout the day. In between doses of a slower-acting method, a fast-acting method, such as vaping or a tincture, can be effective for quickly reducing break-through pain. Fast-acting products also work well to help people relax and fall asleep or deal with other acute issues, such as panic attacks.

No Abuse Potential

Some people may be on the fence about trying CBD products because they still think about illegal substances. Since CBD products only contain trace amounts of THC or none at all, there is no concern about using a product that has psychoactive components. Much of the abuse potential associated with some products is because of their psychoactive capabilities, which allows the user to feel "high." CBD products do not have the euphoria associated with them like prescription narcotics can cause. This reduces or eliminates the chance of abuse or addiction to CBD products.

Many people with chronic pain have concerns over taking prescription narcotics because of the abuse potential or their doctors no longer prescribe these medications because of the risk. Fortunately, CBD is an effective option for many people dealing with chronic pain who have few other options for relief. The additional benefits of anxiety and stress reduction from CBD also makes the product effective for people with chronic pain who have concurrent medical or psychological conditions, allowing them to address multiple issues with a single treatment.

People with chronic pain should seriously consider how CBD products can work with their current pain management regimen. Since there is little risk of adverse events, CBD can be a far superior method of managing pain than other options.

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